Hansel & Gretel Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned; we had so many more than expected which was amazing! Because there was so much talent we have decided to double more parts than originally thought to give as many people an opportunity as possible. With ten performances there is plenty to share! We have taken into account physicality as well as talent as of course the characters have to fit with each other. Congratulations to everyone who got through, thank you so much to everyone else, it really was a tough day with so many of you to choose from. Many of you will be doubled up as ensemble when not playing your parts.

Hansel Jack Brotherton /Ollie Edwards
Gretel Poppy Pinkster/ Holly Fleetwood
Step Mother Nina Casey
Father (Woodcutter) Steve Waterfield
Mother / Angel Petrina White
Baker Colin Cobb
Baker Boy (Greg) Barney Nuttall/ James Catley
Witch Tracey Rawlins
Milk Maid Susan Cordelia Tarbrooke/ Daisy Wellstead
Old Woman Mhari
Street Theatre performers:
Patrick Withey, George Plant, Georgia Ashford-Miller,
Maisy Fogg
Squire Jack Walker
Farmer Dylan Lee
Farmer’s Wife Kaylyn Neale
Inn Keeper Clare Ibbitson
Apple Seller Inseo Jung /Abby Sparrow
Chestnut seller Ciaron Wood
Blacksmith Nick White
Young Milkmaid Dolly Swann
Spice Seller Liv Selby
Carpenter Lochlan Presley
Weasel Robin Ainslie-King
Pigeons – Dillon Berry & Pete White

Maisy Fogg
Conny Hunter
Izzy King
Erin Walters
Georgie Rose
Emily Ibbitson
Enna Christmas
Phoebe Hughes

Ensemble (to be split into two teams)
Tamlin Head
Bella Phillips
Joely Hudson
Archie Fogg
Amelia Sharp
Imogen Sharp
Alex Ibbitson
Louisa McPherson
Ewan Hibbertson
Charlotte Baars
Charlotte Cusak- Brown
Jack Saltonstall
Bea Patterson
Edward Twigger
Hannah Luna-Lopez
Rosa Luna-Lopez

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