Saturday 29 February - 7.30pm

Pip Utton presents




Pip is one of the world’s most respected solo performers.

Over the past two decades he has written and performed some of the most internationally successful solo shows. ‘Adolf’, ‘Bacon’, ‘Dickens’, ‘Chaplin’, ‘Churchill’, ‘Playing Maggie’, ‘Hunchback’, ‘And Before I Forget I Love You, I Love you’ and many others have received five-star reviews and awards around the world.

‘I could have listened to him for hours’

In 2015 Pip won the Stage Special Award for Excellence and the Fringereview.co.uk Award for Outstanding Theatre, in 2016 the ‘Valery Kashanov Award’ for his contribution to Monodrama, in 2018 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Turkish Ministry of Culture for his contribution to world theatre and last year a book celebrating his work was published in Poland.


‘Einstein’ is Pip’s latest work. Probably the most famous scientist of all time, Albert Einstein is the image of a crazy scientist, a mad professor. Pip brings to life not only the scientist but a musician, politician, human rights campaigner and the ‘deeply religious Jew who doesn’t believe in God’.

There will be a half-hour interval followed by a new short performance:


A sideways look at the history of the papacy from the first Vicar of Christ, St Peter, to today’s Pope Francis.

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Tickets: Adults £12.50, Concessions £10.50
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Recommended: 14+

Running time: approx 2 hours