Tuesday 26 November - 7.30pm

Hunting Raven presents

Henry Blofeld

Henry ‘My Dear Old Thing’ Blofeld has hung up his microphone after 50 years commentating on international cricket.

The cherished golden voice of cricket has been celebrating by touring the country with his live show in support of his best-selling book Over & Out. Expect a jam-packed performance full of unheard anecdotes from on and off the pitch, as well as stories from the Test Match Special box not allowed on the radio!

Don’t miss the chance to wave a bat in honour to the last bastion of the original Test Match Special team; the team who made it the much-loved programme it is today. The summers of cricket will never be the same without our ‘Dear Old Thing’.

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All tickets £12.50
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Recommended 16+

Running time: 90 mins