Tuesday 02 October - 7pm supper for 8pm show

Poetry Platter


What happens when three poets decide to put on a show?

Join Dave, Emma, and Steve as they meet in a pub somewhere a lot like Wolverhampton and plot their path to fame and fortune.

Will they be distracted by beer and scratchings? Will they put the world to rights? Come and find out.

An evening of poetry like you’ve never seen before.

May contain language.

“Tonight I have seen something extraordinary. A night of poetry which was fiercely engaging, infinitely accessible, loud, proud and bold about where it came from, but most importantly framed in a manner which gave space for the work to shine but kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout; this wasn’t just poetry, it was storytelling, and most importantly it was theatre. Glorious theatre.”
Neil Reading, Director of Arena Theatre

“Excellently framed, excellently delivered. The right amount of peaks, troughs, and misty-eyed bits.”
Matt Panesh, Artistic Director, Edinburgh Free Fringe

“Chaucer with scratchcards.”
Jimmy Andrex, poet

“If that doesn’t win a Saboteur award I don’t know what will.”
Joe Williams, Half Moon poet

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Tickets: With food £11.50, Without food £5.50
Please note that senior citizens are no longer automatically eligible for concessions. See our guidelines

Recommended 16+
Running time 50 mins