Friday 04 October - 8PM

Shakespeare Live presents

The Dogs of War

‘Oh piteous spectacle! Oh bloody times!
While lions war and battle for their dens,
Poor harmless lambs abide their enmity.’

England finds itself at war: the two royal families that rule the country find themselves in conflict; petty dynastic squabbles plunge the country into bloodshed. The population finds themselves torn between the two sides. At home the families wonder if they will ever see their loved ones again.

Using Shakespeare’s words, taken from every play, Dogs of War uses themes from all the great plays to tell a story of hubris, bravery, stupidity, love and loss as neighbour is set against neighbour, overseen by sinister others manipulating the protagonists created by an ensemble of actors playing the many parts.

A long-established amateur company in Wiltshire, and a charity that aims to spread love of theatre to all ages, Shakespeare Live perform the plays to well over 2000 people each year at their main summer shows, always maintaining the highest possible artistic and production values.

Fast-paced and bursting with energy, Shakespeare Live does not disappoint with yet another highly professional offering
Wiltshire Times

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Recommended 10+

Running time: 2 hours including interval