Saturday 24 February, SUNDAY 25 FEBRUARY, MONDAY 26 FEBRUARY, TUESDAY 27 FEBRUARY - 7.45pm

Project Play and
Merlin Theatre Productions

The Vicar of Dibley

This side-splitting stage adaptation, brought to life by new Community Project PROJECT PLAY is everything you could possibly want it to be.

A stage play by Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter adapted from original TV series written by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayjew-Archer.

Following the untimely death of the Reverend Pottle, Dibley has been appointed a new vicar though, as she is a babe with a bob-cut and a magnificent bosom, her reception proves to be less than welcoming.

From the somewhat inappropriate Owen Newitt to the dithering Jim ‘no-no-no-no’ Trott, the officious Frank Pickle to the culinary challenged Letitia Cropley, all the iconic villagers are portrayed, headed up by the pompous David Horton and his much put-upon son Hugo and then of course there’s Alice Tinker…


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The dialogue of some scenes may be considered less suitable for younger children.

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