Access: Level access to stage, entrance SR. Scene dock 1.6m wide, 4m high

Two dressing rooms, both with toilet and shower. Disabled access via scene dock. Dressing Room 2 has kitchenette. Both dressing rooms are no smoking during performances.

Smooth satin black floor – NB Some dance companies find the surface suitable for dance while other prefer to bring their own dance floor.
Depth of stage (from setting line to rear tabs) 6.3m
Depth of stage (from setting line to cyc) 7.9m
Depth of stage (from front row to cyc) 10.7m
Width of stage 9.7m US, 19m DS
Width of pros opening 9m
Width between legs 6.6m US, 8.6m DS
Grid height 5.5m

Seating capacity 241
Removable seats 26
Wheelchair capacity 13 (A1-15, E1-2, K1-4, K25- 29)
Depth of auditorium 9.6m
Width of auditorium (60 degree fan) 20.4m max, 9m min
Height from stage to back row (20 degree rake) 3.1m
Hearing induction loop throughout auditorium
NB: Please note that there is no pass door or internal route from backstage to FOH. The Merlin Theatre stage is a non-smoking area, unless authorisation is given. Phone, fax, and minicom are available upon request.


Playback / FOH system
1 x Allen & Heath GLD 80 + 1 x AR 2412 and 1 x AR 84 stage boxes
1 x Tascam MD301 Minidisc player
2 x Denon DN-C630 CD player
1 x Yamaha REV500 Digital Reverb/Effects unit
2 x Opal Constant Q 2 × 31 Graphic Equaliser
3 x MC2 T1000 (2 × 500W) Power Amplifiers
4 x Martin Blackline F12 Full Range FOH speakers
2 x Martin Blackline S15 Sub Bass FOH speakers
2 x Martin Blackline F8 Full range rear fill speakers

Monitor / portable
1 x MC2 T1000 (2 × 500W) Power Amplifier
2 x Martin Blackline F12 Full Range monitor speakers

6 x Shure SM58 vocal microphones
8 x Shure SM57 general purpose microphones
2 x Rode NT1-A condenser microphones
4 x Sennheiser EW100 radio microphones (lapel)
2 x Audio Technica ATM33a microphones
3 x BSS AR-133 Active D.I. box
2 x EMO Single D.I. box
10 x Boom microphone stands
2 x Low level boom microphone stands

30A single phase sound supply DSL
2 x Audio Technica rifle mics (installed – feeds induction loop, show relay, FOH support)
Kelsey 24 + 6 audio multicore (parallel SL/SR to control room)
30m multicore (24 sends and 4 returns, all XLR)
Talkback to stage through FOH or monitors (from control room only)

AV Equipment
2 x NEC PA 500x projectors


1 x ETC GIO @5 desk,4000 outputs with one external monitor and built in touch screen.
1 x Riggers Remote
4 x Zero88 Chilli 24-10i Dimmer racks
72 circuits allocated as on plan
24 additional dimmer circuits (not on plan)
6 x DMX outlets allocated as on plan
13A independents in auditorium/ stage/ grid/ control room
House lights operated from 4-stage panel in control room or lighting desk

11 x Strand Cantata 26/44 Profiles 1.2K
12 x Strand Cantata 18/32 Profiles 1.2K (Fixed rig FOH)
4 x Strand Cantata 18/32 Profiles 1.2K
20 x Selecon Compact Fresnels 1.2K
4 x Strand Cantata Fresnels 1.2K
4 x Strand Cantata PCs 1.2K
14 x Parcan CP62 1K
3 x Coda Flood Batten (each 3 × 500W cell)
6 x ETC Source 4 zoom 25/50 profiles
6 x ETC Source 4 Zoom 15/30 profiles
4 x Robe LED Wash 600
Selection of irises and gobo holders (A & B size)

2 x Tab Warmers (1K Furse Fresnels) situated rear FOH
6 x portable upright booms (2m height)
Limited stock of gel (Lee filters only)
Selection of gobos
Extra scaff / rigging equipment available – please phone for details
Limited amount of stage weights available


Show relay to backstage
Backstage calls (from prompt corner)
Tecpro dual circuit Master Station (DSL) with headset
6 x headset / beltpack
Comms points in control room, auditorium and stage wings
13A sockets available SL / SR
White cyc as rear wall of stage
FOH tabs (red) on setting line, SR operation
4 x pairs of legs (black) on swivel
Rear tabs (black) 1.6m DS of cyc, SR operation
Crossover – either through rear corridor, or US of rear tabs
Props tables, bluelights and stage weights available