Performances on ECOS

The Merlin bar will be open and we warmly welcome you to choose from our usual selection of cold drinks and refreshments. Our stock of sweets and delicious ice-creams will also be fully available; please note that we will not be serving cakes or hot drinks during the summer season this year.

Take a picnic!

But please do take all your rubbish home with you, for the safety and sanity of our hard-working volunteers and staff. We do not have the resources to dispose of rubbish left on site. Bottles of wine are on sale at the bar to save you the bother of carrying them (but again, please take the empty bottles home).

Spend A Penny… at home, if possible!

For your comfort a toilet will be available to audience members. However, as most of our outdoor shows run for under 60 minutes we hope this timing will assist in keeping the use of the loos to a minimum as we encourage audiences to spend a penny at home to assist with distancing measures at busy times, inside the theatre building itself.